Online Marketing: Examples of Effective & Easy Product Strategies – Today, marketers need to know marketing strategies and how to market products  online. Why is that? Because now online marketing strategies have many differences from traditional marketing.

If in the past marketing depended on making pamphlets, billboards or advertisements on TV, today the marketing process is much easier.

By implementing a digital marketing strategy,  of course, the product marketing process will be much easier and more efficient. In fact, the budget issued will be more affordable.

So, if you currently have an online  -based business, you need to know what are the effective marketing strategies, such as the following.

8 Online Product Marketing Strategy Tips

Online Product Marketing Strategy

The following are 8 of the most effective online product marketing strategies and when implemented correctly can help increase conversions.

1. Branding

What makes the Mac one of the best performing laptops at a great price? Of course, because the branding they did was successful in the market.

That is also what we have to do if we want to get into the business world. The reason is, branding is one of the most effective strategies in the digital era as it is today.

Some of the simplest branding techniques are creating an attractive and memorable logo design.

Apart from that, creating a creative tagline and interesting content will of course also help increase brand awareness.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the most effective ways to market products online today. Not only useful for well-known businesses, SEO is also effective for small and medium businesses.

If you want to take advantage of this one strategy, you should first prepare a website to run a business. The reason is, SEO can help increase website visitors that we have.

Apart from that, according to Webfx SEO also has other benefits such as increasing brand credibility in the eyes of the audience.

Until now, SEO is still used by marketers to improve marketing because there are still many people who are looking for a product through search engines.

Internet Live Stats once noted that there were around 1.2 trillion people who searched for information through Google.

Many of them are people who want to find out information before buying things.

3. SEM or Search Engine Marketing

SEM is one of the best alternatives to serve as an online marketing strategy. This marketing strategy is quite similar to SEO because it relies on search engines like Google.

It’s just that, the difference is in the budget issued. The reason is, SEM is paid while SEO is free.

However, thanks to this payment, our website and business can easily appear on the first page of Google without the hassle of website optimization.

Usually, websites that implement an SEM marketing strategy will appear with an “Ad” or “Ad” logo at the beginning of the paragraph like the following.

One of  the most well-known tools for implementing an SEM strategy is Google Ads.

According to Search Engine Land, Google Ads is the most popular paid search platform among marketers.

This is because Google Ads has sophisticated features because it can target keywords correctly so that it can make ads on the first page of search engines.

4. Google My Business

Have a product that sells locally? Google My Business can be one of the most effective online marketing strategies.

By using Google My Business, we can include business addresses on Google Maps and can appear on the Google search engine.

Apart from that, Google My Business can also display reviews given by users who have used or bought our products.

The better the review, of course, can make the audience believe more in the product or service that we offer.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is also one of the most effective ways to market online products for the following reasons:

  • more measurable who will receive the email
  • more personal because it directly contact potential customers
  • the cost is not too expensive
  • 35% of people in the world have  email

If you want to apply it,  the most famous tool for  email marketing is MailChimp. However, these tools are limited to 2000 emails sent per month.

When implementing email marketing, we must first prepare a database of potential customers to be targeted.

So, where can we get a database  for  email marketing? One way this can be done is to offer free e-books that are useful to the audience.

However, before they can download it, they are required to enter their email first so that it can be stored in the database.

6. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The next online product marketing strategy is to do CRM or customer relationship management.

Actually this one thing focuses on how to establish good relations with consumers who have used our products or services.

So, when a business is able to provide good service, of course the brand can have a good reputation. The potential audience can finally be curious and interested in trying to use it.

7. Influencer marketing

Want more instant and fast results in marketing products? You can try using an influencer marketing marketing strategy.

According to Sprout Social, influencer marketing is very effective because people will believe what their favorite influencer says more than just seeing an advertisement.

Some of the advantages of this one marketing strategy are, for example, increasing brand awareness, reaching more target audiences, and increasing brand credibility.

Even so, implementing this strategy requires precise calculations. Apart from calculating the budget, the influencer selection process  must also be considered.

8. Content Marketing

The last online marketing strategy on this list is content marketing.

As the name implies, content marketing is a strategy that focuses on content. Whether it’s content for blogs, Instagram, podcasts, and many others.

According to Neil Patel, content marketing aims to build strong bonds with audiences over the long term.

Therefore, content must be relevant to the audience so that emotional feelings can be created between the audience and the brand.

Those are some examples of the most effective online  marketing strategies to help increase your sales.

Apart from following the tips above, don’t forget to choose the right channel so that your target consumers can really be reached.

However, one thing that is certain is to always be consistent in implementing the above strategy.

The reason is, no matter how good the strategy is, if it can’t be consistent, it will still be difficult to get the maximum profit.

Even so, don’t give up to keep trying to advance the business you have, okay?

So, besides the explanation above, you can get other similar tips on the Blog Digital Marketing channel.

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