Podcast Marketing, Strategies to Make Your Podcast More Popular

eTamu.id – Podcast is one of the media that is increasingly being consumed by the public. If you want your podcast listeners to increase, then what you need is a podcast marketing strategy.

This is also driven by the increasing diversity of podcasts with various genres and topics discussed as content.

Therefore, so that your podcast can compete, find out the strategies and benefits of podcast marketing below.

What Is Podcast Marketing?

According to Quill, podcast marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to develop and increase awareness and the number of audiences for a podcast. Of course, when developing your podcast, you need to realize that things can’t happen instantly.

You need dedication, patience, and strategy when doing it. Therefore, with this marketing strategy you can try various activities or plans that can maximize your content. There are various methods or methods used, what are they?

Implement a Podcast Marketing Strategy

Podcast Marketing

1. Take advantage of social media

This first strategy can be done through various social media platforms. Apart from being free and easy to use, you can build a direct relationship with your audience.

On social media, you can share the latest episodes of podcasts, update guest stars that will be attending, or share content related to podcast episodes.

Therefore, engagement, consistency, and topics that can spark conversations and attract attention are key in marketing your podcast.

2. Promotion in the community

Promoting your podcast in the various communities that you follow is one strategy that can be done and is also effective. It is also possible to build your own podcast community.

Look across groups from Facebook to Discord or Telegram, and find out if your target audience is there. If so, you can share your various podcast episodes in the group.

However, don’t forget to ask for feedback or topic recommendations from people in the group.

3. Be a guest on other podcasts 

According to BloomAds, marketing your podcast on other people’s podcasts is a powerful podcast marketing strategy. But of course, you have to pitch first so that other podcasters want to invite you to their podcast.

For this, what you can do is do research on podcasts that already have loyal communities and audiences. Then, make a pitch and request collaboration to other people. Also show experience and knowledge that you can bring or talk about in their topic.

4. Invite guests to your podcast

Well, this is the other way around, you can invite other podcast activists to attend as guests. They will not only give you insight and various experiences or knowledge, but also bring in new potential audiences.

Especially if you collaborate with podcasters who have similar genres or topics. This is also included in the podcast marketing strategy because you can promote your podcast through that person.

These listeners can simply add your podcast title to the content they listen to everyday.

5. Pay attention to SEO

Like articles or content spread on Google, podcasts can also be equipped with SEO, you know. So, paying attention to SEO podcasts is one of the podcast marketing strategies you should try.

Having good SEO will increase the chances that other people will find your podcast. Just like articles, your podcast must also contain the appropriate keywords in it.

You can put keywords in the title, podcast description, and transcript.

Benefits of Podcast Marketing

Not only for your podcast, but also for your brand. With the right strategy, it will be easier for you to do podcast advertising and invite your audience to use or buy the products and services offered.

The following are some of the benefits that you can get according to bCast.

1. Increase brand awareness

One of the benefits of podcast marketing is increasing people’s awareness of your podcast brand. Not only for podcasts, but also the products you advertise in them.

Moreover, if the content you present is interesting and also easy for people to find. Also supported by ads that are inserted at the right minute or moment.

2. Build connections

You can also build relationships and loyalty to your audience. With this, it will be easier to market other products on the sidelines of your podcast.

3. Increasing authority

Another benefit of podcast marketing is that it increases the authority of your podcast among others. That is, the more people who listen to and like your content, the easier it will be for you to influence people to do or buy something.

4. Increase traffic

You can also ask podcast listeners to increase traffic from your own product website or advertisers. Of course, with increased traffic, more people will recognize podcasts and can increase revenue.

Final Word

Those are the sundries of podcast marketing that you need to know to grow your podcast. Hopefully after reading this article, you can apply it and your podcast will have more and more listeners.

If you want to know more about podcasts or content marketing, come on, read more information on the eTamu Blog. On the eTamu Blog, there are various articles that can answer your questions about the world of podcasts and content marketing.

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