The 8 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2024, Let’s Prepare Now! – Social Media Marketing Trends: It seems that the trend of social media marketing in 2024 will not change drastically compared to this year.

However, of course there are some new areas that you can explore to make your social media marketing strategy even more effective. Curious what the trend will be like in the next year?

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8 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2024

Social Media Marketing Trends

The 2024 social media marketing trends seems to be closely related to the popularity of this social media.

Even though TikTok’s active users haven’t exceeded other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, Tiktok is the most downloaded social media application throughout early 2022.

From Gen Z, millennials, to even baby boomers, everyone has started turning to TikTok to find a source of entertainment. That’s why a lot of viral content comes from there.

The popularity of TikTok needs to be considered by marketers to reach the widest possible target market.

2. Nano influencer marketing

In terms of influencer marketing, now the terms macro, micro, and nano influencers must be understood by marketers.

The term refers to the categorization of the size of the audience or the popularity of an influencer with nano as the smallest or beginner category. So, why are they going to be one of the trends in the next year?

Famous influencers sometimes don’t guarantee campaign success. Meanwhile, nano influencers tend to have communities that are more connected to one another. That way, their reviews will feel more natural to their followers, like a friend giving advice.

3. Social media ads

The next social media marketing trends for 2024 is the increasing use of social media ads. Brands can actually seek organic growth for their marketing strategy.

However, social media algorithms often prioritize posts from accounts that users interact with frequently, as reported by Web FX.

This applies whether it’s for friends, friends, or family accounts. This means that brands need to compete so that their content can reach a broad and precise target audience. This is where the role of paid advertising becomes very calculated.

4. Augmented reality

Integrating augmented reality (AR) technology on social media not only adds to the excitement, but can also be used as a tool for brands in carrying out their campaigns.

How could that be? Filter quizzes, games, or makeup products that you often use are examples of the results of AR technology.

If it’s interesting, the filter can be used by many people which will later help brand exposure or the campaign that is being run.

5. Social commerce

Social commerce could be one of the social media marketing trends in 2024. What is social commerce? You may be aware that now Instagram and TikTok are starting to feature online shopping features. Users can immediately browse products and make purchase transactions.

This is what is called social commerce, namely the unification of shopping activities with social media platforms. So, from now onwards, social media serves not only to interact and network, but also as a place to buy and sell.

Marketers can take advantage of this trend to maximize branding, considering that people definitely open social media more often than e-commerce applications.

6. Live streaming

The next trend in promotional and marketing activities on social media is live streaming. Be it on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook.

Indeed, there are several advantages of this method that have made many brands end up holding live regularly, including:

  • Can show the real condition of the product.
  • Can directly interact and ask questions with consumers.
  • Can demonstrate the use of the product in as much detail as possible.

To attract more viewers, brands also usually partner with several influencers to go live with them. Another strategy that is often used is to give flash sales during the live.

7. Social awareness

The most important part that cannot be missed from the 2024 social media marketing trends is the importance of social awareness.

With the increasing cancel culture, brands need to be careful in everything they do and say. Do not offend sensitive groups or issues in society.

Reporting from Neal Schaffer, in the past people definitely didn’t care whether the company treated its employees well. However, this does not apply to the current era where people’s social sensitivity is increasing.

8. Customer service

Currently, more and more companies are providing their official accounts on social media as a source of information as well as a means of customer service.

For example, maybe you often meet on Twitter when someone directly mentions the company account while conveying their complaints.

If the complaint gets a lot of attention from other users, this is where the brand’s customer service strategy will be tested.

If the company’s account only gives replies in the form of templates and doesn’t help at all, get ready to receive scathing criticism from consumers, OK?

Those are the 8 social media marketing trends that you need to anticipate. Hopefully the discussion above can help optimize your existing strategy.

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