6 Important Features in Buzzsumo that Help Marketing Strategy

eTamu.id – In order for your content marketing strategy to excel, Buzzsumo is a tool that you need to understand. There are various features that you and marketers can get to help the process of building the right strategy.

Therefore, eTamu has summarized further information about Buzzsumo for you below.

What is Buzzsumo?

As previously stated, Buzzsumo is a tool for content marketing purposes with its various features. Agency Browsermedia states, with Buzzsumo, you will be assisted in determining the ideas for content that you will or want to create.

Without using these tools, it will be difficult for content marketers to understand what is currently being discussed on various social media. Buzzsumo has a collection of information and trends that are in the audience, so you don’t need to do research manually on social media or websites.

Buzzsumo Features


1. Know the content with the most shares

One of the features that makes Buzzsumo superior is that you can find out what kind of content is shared by most on various platforms. With this, you simply enter the keywords you want to know.

Then Buzzsumo will provide results for various content that has the most shares of these keywords. As a result, you will know what content your audience likes.

2. Conduct content analysis

The next feature that you can take advantage of is content analysis. Sourced from Emarketeers, the analysis conducted by Buzzsumo will give you a broader view of content on a particular topic.

Buzzsumo provides content analysis in aggregate, showing the amount of content produced by that topic. In addition, this feature also allows you to find out which sites have the best content performance.

3. Know the trend

To find out trends, a content marketer generally uses Google Trends. However, the drawback is that the data shown in Google Trends is limited to Google search results only.

This is one of the other excellent features of Buzzsumo, where you can find out what content or topics are trending from each category on various platforms. For example, you want to know trending content about finance, then Buzzsumo can provide relevant results for you.

4. Identify influencer users

Influencers are a factor that is no less important in spreading content. By knowing the right influencers, content and brands, you can get quite a lot of leads. Therefore, Buzzsumo can identify influencers from various platforms, such as Twitter to blogs.

The results displayed are in the form of what content is often shared by these influencers, which users interact with them frequently, and much more. This feature can help you determine the right influencer for each campaign you create.

5. Conduct monitoring

Monitoring is also important to do to find out the performance of the content you create. Buzzsumo is the right tool for monitoring. There is a feature from Buzzsumo for you to monitor in real time.

This lets you know if another user has posted a keyword. You can also find out who, on what platform, and when the user posted something. Of course this can be useful for future content marketing strategies.

6. Competitor analysis

The last excellent feature on this list that is owned by Buzzsumo is competitor analysis. Of course this is an important factor in content marketing. By knowing what your competitors are posting, you will know what content you can make to compete with them.

Competitor analysis can also prevent you from launching ineffective campaigns or content. That way, you can save more time and energy.

That’s an explanation from eTamu about Buzzsumo, a tool that can help strategy and maximize your content marketing performance.

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