9 Live Streaming Content Ideas That Marketers Can Use

eTamu.idToday, live streaming content is one of the most sought-after things by consumers on the internet. This type of content is also known as the easiest way to increase engagement and sales of certain products.

In fact, according to Business Wire research, the popularity of live streams will continue to grow and it is expected to generate revenue of US$184 billion in 2027.

So, looking at the facts above, it seems that marketers and content creators need to know the best content ideas for live streaming purposes. Because, if they can’t display trending content, they most likely won’t profit from the live stream strategy.

The 9 Live Streaming Content Ideas

Live Streaming Content

To make your live streaming event a success, here are nine content ideas you can put to good use. Come on, read!

1. Interview and Q &A

According to the Color Whistle page, one form of live streaming content that audiences are most interested in is interviews and Q&A.

This one content idea is perfect for marketers who want to increase the credibility of their company or channel. Especially if the person invited for the interview session is an expert who recognizes the company’s product or service.

For example, the automotive company Citroen uses streaming Q&A with experts. This strategy generated 1,100 highly qualified prospects and increased their customer satisfaction rate to 97%. Pretty interesting right?

2. Video tutorials

The next type of live streaming content that you can use is video tutorials. This content idea is very effective for increasing customer credibility and trust.

Because, by helping other people use trusted solutions, you will quickly gain their trust and loyalty. For example, the company Hercules Candy attracts a large audience with video streaming tutorials.

The videos are of high quality and make the viewer understand the concept clearly. As a result, their sales have increased and their customer retention numbers have grown dramatically.

3. Behind the scenes

BTS videos or behind the scenes can also be slick live streaming content. The reason is, according to the Restream page, this type of video will make your audience feel close to and trust you.

For BTS content, you can start by showing the streaming setup or the tools you use during the live. After that, you can start with more interesting things, like the process of making a product or your daily activities.

4. Newsjacking

For those of you who don’t know, newsjacking is the practice of aligning a brand with current events. So, according to Many Cam, this content is perfect for live streaming because it can generate media attention and increase brand exposure.

Although sometimes unethical, this strategy is actually legal and effective for dealing with competitors.

Examples of the use of this content are proven by Burger King. They are promoting a new menu that seems to satirize the case of the trademark name Big Mac owned by McDonald’s.

5. Collaborative videos

If you want to quickly bring in thousands of new audiences, create collaborative content in live streaming events. Here, you can invite well-known influencers and streamers for an interview session or do activities together.

This initiative has been proven to be effective for animating streaming sessions and allows you to grab the attention of your guest audience.

A great example of an interesting collaboration session is Joe Rogan’s podcast, where he invites many famous artists for an interview session.

6. Upcycle content

According to Salma Jafri’s page, the next interesting live streaming content idea is upcycled content. Upcycled content itself is a form of content that is recycled from company-owned media.

For example, you can create live streaming videos based on the content on your blog. This type of content is effective for adding another dimension and perspective to existing content. It also adds value in being able to broaden a topic in a useful and educational way.

7. Live events

Live events can also be good content for live streaming sessions. These live event sessions are a great way to increase the enthusiasm and credibility of the channel.

Especially if you can provide comments or meet directly with the people involved in the event. For example, if you are involved in the world of technology, you can attend certain product launch events and provide adequate comments.

8. Product demos

According to Color Whistle, product demos are an effective live streaming content to increase sales figures. Why is that? Because, this content idea can increase customer curiosity in a qualified way.

Not only that, product demos can also encourage audiences to make purchases. However, to make it more effective, don’t forget to provide a CTA purchase at the end of the live stream session. That way, the audience will become more interested in buying the product being shown immediately.

9. Show talent

The last live streaming content that you can use is a show of talent and ability. This type of content is one of the most sought-after live streaming videos on the internet.

This is true because performance fuel videos are both entertaining and educational, especially for audiences who want to take part in the world of talent. One popular talent video idea is cooking or gaming content.

Final Word

That’s eTamu’s explanation of nine live streaming content ideas that you can use. In essence, the selection of content above is the best trick to increase the popularity of your channel or business entity brand.

However, before choosing content, first consider your brand needs and the needs of your audience. With that, it is guaranteed that the content that you broadcast can get more attention from viewers.

So, besides the explanation above, you can get a similar variety of information on the eTamu.id Blog Content Marketing channel.

There, there is a discussion of other streaming tips and tools that eTamu has summarized for you.

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