Here are 7 Types of Marketing Jobs You May Not Know But Exist – Entering the current digital era, marketing jobs has become wider in scope and more diverse in type.

The tendency of today’s children to access everything via mobile phones has more or less influenced the Marketing Job system in its approach to consumers, most of whom are young people.

Don’t get me wrong, today’s parents are also quite literate in technology, so they are familiar with the process of buying goods through online sites or digital-based services. If you have this, Marketing Job will certainly increase.

This condition of shifting consumer behavior seems to force a change in the rhythm and pattern of marketing job.

The strategy used is not only good quality goods, packaging, display in advertisements, partners for doing marketing job such as printing vendors and event organizers now have an important role to expedite all marketing job.

7 Types of Marketing Jobs You May Not Know

Types of Marketing Jobs You May Not Know

So, for those of you who are interested in working in the marketing field, take a peek at the 7 types of marketing jobs that you may not have known before.

1. Content writer

Have you ever heard of job vacancies as a Content Writer? Writing is also now a marketing job, you know. The marketing marketing Job done by content writers also varies in character depending on the needs of the company and the division coordinator who has regularly designed content planning.

If you frequently visit beauty product websites and find a sub-section titled “Blog”, then that’s where you can see the marketing Job of a Content Writer.

Then what’s the difference with journalists? Of course it’s different, journalists cover more facts that already exist and are usually divided into certain segments; politics, culture, lifestyle, culinary, and more. While content writers write to support marketing Jobs in promoting products.

2. Product owner

This position does not directly have a marketing division, but its work function is almost similar to marketing work. Product Owners in most companies enter the IT division because their work is technology-based.

Unlike its name which gives the impression of being a user of a product, the Product Owner function actually works closely with the business team to develop a product that is entrusted to be managed.

His marketing job is when a Product Owner must continue to innovate so that every buyer/consumer gets information and features that support the transaction process. Of course, you can find this job in companies that have a more modern system.

3. Graphic designer

As I discussed above, the approach to consumers, most of whom are Gen Y, is different from previous generations. Visual appearance is very important to help potential customers first imagine the form of the product to be purchased.

Well, the marketing Job done by Graphic Designers is related to product display or promotion in the media, both print and digital.

Those of you who have skills using software such as InDesign or Photoshop certainly have the opportunity to work as a Graphic Designer. This job also requires you to be sensitive to details and have unlimited imagination and creativity.

Not imagined before? Apparently, marketing Job can extend to various domains. For those of you who are interested in getting involved in the world of marketing and becoming a graphic designer, there’s no need to worry.

On the job vacancy channel, there are hundreds of Graphic Designer vacancies that are ready to accept your application, you know!

4. Social media specialist

Social media in the digital era is like a menu that cannot be missed from morning to sunset. As a result, marketing Jobs must also be able to reach consumers through social media.

If in your mind you imagine the excitement of this position where you will meet various media, new people in a dynamic environment, your imagination is not wrong at all. But the challenges of this one marketing job also exist, of course.

Sometimes you have to be willing to work on weekends because there is an event somewhere. It’s not uncommon for your work to take all day long, high mobility but your mood must be kept under control so that work activities are not disturbed.

The marketing Job done by the Social Media Specialist revolves around designing marketing strategies and establishing relationships with other fellow media partners.

Every event or event that is held will certainly add new visitor or customer data, the social media team must have this data to then process it and also make a report.

5. Account executive/manager

You might imagine this type of marketing work quite easily, even though the terms are not very familiar in conventional types of companies.

The task of an Account Executive is to establish cooperation with the company’s clients. Clients can be individuals or corporate, depending on the types of services and products that the company you work for offers.

Communication skills to determine profitable deals for both the company and the client are part of an AE’s marketing job. When the internal team has processed the material needed by the client, it is AE’s job to convey and discuss the client’s further needs.

It seems that more verbal skills are used in this position, but it’s not easy either, it turns out that building relationships with clients while thinking about strategies to keep the company profitable.

6. Copywriter

Copywriters are different from Content Writers, you are asked to be able to make short, persuasive writing and give a “soul” to the product to be advertised.

This marketing job also requires creativity in using language and processing words. The copywriter is one of the important role holders in the branding activities of the marketing team.

If you have ever read a tagline and then immediately memorized it, that is an indication of the success of a copywriter in carrying out its role in marketing Job.

So, did you know that the development of start-ups in Indonesia has opened up many opportunities for you to get this marketing job?

7. Influencer

Of course, you often hear about this marketing job. Surely many of you also follow Instagram accounts or Influencer blogs. Indeed, not all companies feel the need for influencers as part of carrying out a series of marketing jobs.

But in fact, today’s target consumers find it easier and more frequent to access information through Instagram posts, blog posts, or videos on Influencers’ YouTube channels.

Being an Influencer can be a profession or a side job, depending on how much interest and seriousness you are in it. Influencers themselves usually don’t work with an office system, more often meeting with clients over lunch or attending events.

The marketing job system that is commonly carried out by influencers is endorse or paid promo. The difference is in the content posted on their respective social media.

The endorse system means that you are sent goods and are free to create content according to your satisfaction with the product sent.

Whereas paid promos, there are contracts and materials that have been prepared by the client company’s content team to be distributed by the Influencer.

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Those are the seven types of jobs in the marketing field that you can make career options for. How? Is there a job that matches your interests and talents?

Frenata Soraya