Big Data Marketing: The Role in Developing a Company’s Strategy – Big Data Marketing: Without big data analytics, a company is blind and deaf because it cannot hear consumer wishes and see future industry trends. Big data platforms can be applied in various industrial sectors and departments within a company. 

Of the many sectors and departments, marketing is one of the important factors that can use big data analytics for the needs of preparing a company’s marketing strategy. 

If you are engaged in marketing, big data can provide 3 important information in the form of customer data, financial data and operational data. Each of these data is obtained from different sources and stored in different formats. 

  1. Customer data: customer data helps marketers to understand their target audience. Certain data, of course, in the form of names, email addresses, purchases and so on. Data that is no less important is consumer behavior which you can get from social media activities, surveys and online communities.
  2. Financial data: this data helps marketers to find out the performance of their campaigns so they can work efficiently. Sales and marketing statistics and margins are included in this financial report. If possible, big data can also estimate and analyze the finances of your competitors. 
  3. Operational data: this data relates to business processes. It can also relate to shipping, logistics, CRM and feedback from monitoring your assets.Big data  solutions can be integrated with operations to analyze performance and reduce costs.

The Role of Big Data in Improving the Company’s Marketing Strategy

Big Data Marketing The Role in Developing a Company's Strategy

Big data platforms take marketing to the next level. With big data analysis, marketers can make important decisions correctly. Here are some areas that you can use big data analytics in marketing your product as well as how to apply it.

Design marketing campaigns that are right on target

Big data solutions lighten your work in identifying who your customers are and what they want. It’s not the era of marketing offering door to door to increase sales. 

When marketers only need to use big data to target potential consumers who are definitely interested in your product, at the right time. One example of a big data solution is placing cookies in files. 

Every time a user surfs the internet, a piece of information relating to their activities on the website can be collected for further processing. 

With this information, marketers can create personalized marketing targeted to individuals based on their shopping patterns and spending abilities. With a qualified big data analytics tool, data is reported along with the solution. 

Help determine the price

The old way to determine the selling price of a product is to calculate the production price and compare it to the prices set by competitors. For small-scale businesses, maybe this traditional method can still be applied. 

But for large companies, of course, it is not that easy. This is where big data can be a solution. Big data analytics collects more detailed data, not only the products consumers buy but also what their product preferences are. 

In addition, Big data analytics can consider current economic and sales factors. Everything is calculated automatically with an almost 0% error rate and saves time and resources. 

Show personalized content

You may have noticed that Google always knows what products you have just seen on the internet and then displays them continuously in front of you in the form of advertisements. 

So is Netflix. This app knows exactly what your film tastes are and always recommends them to you. That’s how big data works in an effective way. By utilizing information that is not notified by consumers, but by observing consumer behavior. 

The two examples above illustrate how effective big data analytics can work. You can also take advantage of big data platforms by providing personalized content for your customers. 

Big data remembers each individual’s browsing history so that when they log back in, they will be presented with a service according to their wishes. This is related to the next point.

Improve customer service

Big data analytics can improve consumer experience when using your services. When a customer is satisfied with your service, sales increase over time. One of the ways big data is changing customer service is by using chatbots or automated answering machines. 

Chatbot software can be integrated with messaging applications and interact with consumers. Chatbots are becoming popular as a business tool because they are able to provide fast feedback and save time and money.

Big data can make your company a data-based company that has appropriate solutions.

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